Office of the Chief of Police Directory

Email Address
Douglas Goerke Chief of Police douglas.goerke@stcloudfl.gov407-891-6707
 Zuleyka Alvarado Administrative Assistant 407-891-6707
Fran Rinehart Deputy Chief of Administration 407-891-6772
Kirk Zilke Deputy Chief of Operations 407-891-6722 
Ed Mateo Community Policing Division Captain 407-891-6703
Denise Roberts Investigative Service Division Captain denise.roberts@stcloudfl.gov407-891-6777
Curtis Wesler Patrol Operations Division Captain 407-891-6785
Marisol De La Rosa Professional Standards / Accreditation 407-891-6768
Ciara Melendez
 Recruiting/Training 407-891-6755
Diara Wesler
 Accreditation Manager 407-891-6742
Andrew SullivanPublic Information Officerandrew.sullivan@stcloudfl.gov407-957-7143

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