Contractor Registration

Contractor Registration (State Licensed Only)

Do I need to be registered as a Contractor?

Yes. The State of Florida defines a contractor as anyone who demolishes, subtracts from, builds or improves any building or structure for compensation, mandates certification requirements for many categories of contractors. These contractors are required to be licensed either at the state level or the local level. Examples include but are not limited to constructing a building or a structure, making structural alterations to load bearing walls, or perform services such as plumbing, electrical, or mechanical work.

All construction work must be done by one of these licensed contractors with exceptions: the owner of a one or two family dwelling; or the owner of a commercial building who is doing less than $75,000.00 in work on the building for his or her own use, and not for sale or lease.

Learn More

To learn more about contractor requirements please visit the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation website.

A homeowner may hire laborers to assist him or her in the work provided the laborers are supervised by the homeowner and the homeowner complies with the Florida Statues regarding worker’s compensation, insurance and payroll taxes.

How can I register as a Contractor with the City?

Complete and submit the Contractor Registration Application (PDF) to the Building Department in person, by mail, by email to Building Permits, or online by clicking HERE.

Please provide the following items for a registration:

  • Completed Contractor Registration Application Form (PDF)
  • Copy of city or county business tax receipt
  • Copy of general liability certificate, listing, the City of St. Cloud, as the certificate holder
  • Copy of state license
  • Copy of workers compensation insurance policy or exemption certificate
  • Letter of reciprocity (when applicable and must be mailed from exam location)

Does my Registration Expire?

Yes, contractor registration expires when any of the required documents expire. It is the contractors responsibility to provide proof of renewal prior to expiration. To keep your registration current, please provide the renewed or updated items to Building Permits Email

Before applying, please check that the business name, business address, and owner name is the same on all items. Also check the expiration dates to ensure they are still valid.