Special Pickups

We collect large items placed at the curb once a week. Charges apply; $24.00 for the first two cubic yards and $12.00 for each additional cubic yard.  Charges will be applied to your utility bill as a "special pickup." You may click the link HERE or email Solidwaste@stcloudfl.gov if you do now know your special pickup day. Place your large items at the curb prior to 7 a.m. on your scheduled pickup day.

Please Note:  It is not necessary to call in a request for a special pick-up but it is recommended to do so just so your items are sure to be collected.  

The recommendation is to call at least 2 days prior to your Special Pick-up collection day and confirm. 

Hazardous items such as, but not limited to, the following must be carried into the drop off location at the St. Cloud Transfer Station and will NOT be picked up curb side. 

  • Automotive: Tires, Antifreeze, solvents, batteries, oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid.
  •  Paint: Spray paint, paint cans, paint thinners, wood preservatives.
  •  Gardening: Pesticides, insect sprays or dust, weed killer, poison or insecticides.
  •  Cleaning: Drain cleaner, degreasers, oven cleaners, moth balls, spot removers, polishes/wax, and pool chemicals.