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The City of St. Cloud offers a Concierge Service through their Business Navigator, David Bridle. Mr. Bridle can help in a vast array of services for the community including but not limited to:

  • Actively engage with your development team to ensure communication is at the forefront with every department involved. 
  • Resolving any issues that may evolve during the development process to ensure the project remains on schedule. 
  • Providing a unique and personable experience while working with the City of St. Cloud.
  • Explain and demonstrate the requirements for submitting required documentation and achieving approvals.
  • Working with businesses to understand how we can improve any processes and orchestrate a better experience for all applicants.
  • Identifying inconsistencies with current policies and showcasing opportunities for the City of St. Cloud to adjust as needed.
  • Foster positive relationships with residents, businesses, and community organizations to create an engaging experience with the City of St. Cloud. 
  • Working with businesses to understand their current and future needs to help them continue to expand their business in a positive manner.
  • Supports the implementation of the City of St. Cloud’s plan for community involvement to understand what residents need.

The Business Navigator will be your point of contact whether you are in the beginning stages of submitting your development/permitting applications, going through the city permitting process, or just have some questions about business start-up processes in general. 

Please do not hesitate to contact David Bridle at or 407-957-7204.

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