Fire Permit Information

Life safety submittals for review must include all required information below from the associated pages of the collective submittal when uploading via the etrakit portal.

Life safety submittal requirements for building permits:

  • General notes must include:  scope of work, description of building use, occupancy type(s), building construction type, and hazard of contents.  Life safety narratives are required for certain occupancy classifications per the 7TH Edition of the florida fire prevention code.
  • Notes must also include which additional submittals will be provided by industry-specific vendors such as fire sprinkler, fire pump, fire alarm, hood suppression, etc. 

*NOTE* Stand-alone permits will be reviewed and approved in addition to the building permit and will need to be completed prior to any building fire final. 

  • A scaled floorplan must be provided, to include: fire extinguisher locations and type, egress to public way reflecting path of travel and distances, directional exit signage and emergency lighting indicating standby power component.  Electrically powered devices on the lifesafety plan must match the locations reflected on the accompanying electrical drawing. 
  • Provide project-specific information relevant to proper life safety evaluation, review, and approval of submittal. This includes details of fire rated wall assemblies, smoke partitions, plenum spaces, anticipated interface of fire alarm system with disciplines such as mechanical, etc.
  • For new buildings, provide note(s) outlining intended compliance for required bi-directional amplification or distributed antenna (bda/das) system(s) and associated documentation.  All new buildings will need a separate permit for proper two-way radio coverage.  This includes acceptable signal strength levels of post structure surveys where no equipment is required for compliance.
  • Provide note(s) detailing access control assemblies, if applicable, and associated life safety compliance.  This includes automatic gates, magnetic locks and other related security installations.

Underground submittals:

Include data sheets for all materials.  Submit only page(s) for life safety review that are required to be stamped and approved by the reviewer.  Scaled drawing must reflect hydrants no more than 350’ apart for commercial applications. Include all project-specific information in notes.

Walk-through permits:

The St. Cloud Fire Rescue Department requirements for hardcopy walk-through permitting process will meet the same criteria of information as online permit application submittals. A minimum of two (2) complete submittal sets sized 24”x 36” is required. 

Single inspection permits:

No drawings are required for review and a single inspection of fire final acceptance will be approved for:

  • Cellular communicator additions/replacements
  • Monitoring takeovers
  • Fire alarm alterations or additions of (20) total devices or less
  • Updated plans and specifications must be onsite for inspection
  • Life safety submittals returned “disapproved” must be corrected and re-submitted with all attachments of the original submittal.  Excluded documents for resubmittal are the application and noc. 

 TCO Approval requirements:

  • Address on building and/or sign match 911 dispatch
  • Any emergency response vehicle or personnel has proper access and all required keys provided for knox box
  • All electrical & low voltage terminated
  • All ceiling tiles installed (where applicable)
  • All egress requirements met
  • Extinguishers mounted as required
  • Fire alarm system inspected and accepted
  • Fire sprinkler system inspected and accepted

 Building permit fire final:

  • All TCO requirements above satisfied
  • All inspections completed except building final
  • All fire related sub-permit finals completed

Inspection requirements:

  •  All “stamped and reviewed” life safety submittal pages, associated documents, datasheets, etc. 
  • Must be onsite at time of inspection in paper form both legible and of appropriate size.  
  • The City of St. Cloud offers printing of approved documents and plan sets.  Contact the building department for pricing and pick-up.
  • A qualified representative familiar with the scope of work for the permit holder must be on site at time of inspection.Coordination of multiple vendors is often required for acceptance tests. This includes fire sprinkler and alarm, fire alarm and mechanical, etc. To schedule any fire-related inspection, provide 24 hours notice and call: (407)-653-2453

 Should you have any questions about life safety submittals or require assistance, please email: or call 407-957-8431 for inspections above.

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