Hurricane Ian Information

Debris Collection Map
This map shows our progress and our plan for collecting tree debris from Hurricane Ian. The dates shown are dates by which we expect the area to be completed. For example, areas we are working in today are marked with tomorrow's date, because we expect them to be completed by tomorrow.        PDF file for downloading here.


Osceola County Interactive Flood Evacuation Map Link

USGS National Water Dashboard

Osceola County Office of Emergency Management Hurricane Center

Situation Update Regarding Hurricane Ian Flood Conditions 10/6/2022

 Water Levels Receding
State water managers shared with Osceola officials today that East Lake Tohopekaliga (Toho) in St. Cloud appears to have peaked. During Thursday meetings with South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD), it was reported that rising levels have stalled with an indication of gradual recession in East Lake Toho. Additionally, the rise of Lake Tohopekaliga in Kissimmee appears to be slowing down. In the coming days, SFWMD will monitor levels closely to determine when the western lake has reached its peak.

 Osceola County, the City of Kissimmee Government, City of St. Cloud, Florida and SFWMD are continuing to work in partnership to reduce flows of water into the regional lake system and provide relief to impacted communities. 

Other regional lakes, including Lake Mary Jane and Lake Hart in Orange, appear to have reached their peak, meaning that SFWMD can continue to move water out of those lake systems to lower lake levels. 

To further lower lake levels, additional high-volume pumps are deployed at strategic locations with more pumps being staged and prepared for operation.

Residents are still urged to avoid floodwaters and pay attention to local alerts from Emergency Management. Boaters are encouraged to exercise caution when navigating waterways and avoid creating a wake that could impact homes and businesses.

The County also has updated its interactive map for those who may be affected by rising lake levels. The updated version is available at

 Pumps Ready
City crews finished building berms and installing sandbags at the weirs at the Lakefront ponds, and the pumps are turned on. The pumps will move water out of the ponds into Canal 31 to reduce lake levels and reduce the potential of more flooding should we get more rain. We continue to work with the South Florida Water Management District and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to mitigate the flooding we experienced after getting 17 inches of rain during Hurricane Ian.

 Debris Collection Continues
6 clam trucks out collecting storm debris.197 tons of storm debris collected with clam trucks to date.
 Our teams have focused on collecting tree debris in floodplain areas. We will be getting to every street in the city. If we haven’t gotten to your street yet, please be patient. We have a few reports of yard debris being placed under power lines and against mailboxes. Please be advised, our clam trucks cannot pick up items left under power lines for safety reasons, and we cannot pick up items next to mailboxes without damaging the mailboxes.

 Road Closures

The following city streets are still closed today:
• Commerce Center Drive (Old Canoe Creek to Blackberry)
• Blackberry Creek Dr. (Commerce Center to Creek Bed)

Other Closures
Boat ramps remain closed, and boaters are asked to stay off the lakes for the time being. Pumps and other structures are now under the surface of the water and pose a hazard.
Burials Suspended at Cemetery. We are unable to have burials at Mt. Peace Cemetery for the time being due to the high water table. If you have questions, please call 407-957-7257.

 We continue to get reports about wildlife encounters. Please be aware that wildlife also is impacted by rising waters, increasing the likelihood that you will encounter alligators, snakes and other wildlife. Please do not wade into flood waters, and please be cautious, especially near lakes and other bodies of water. Nuisance alligators can be reported to Florida Fish and Wildlife at 866-FWC-GATOR (866-392-4286).

Damage Reporting
If you have experienced flood damage to any structures on your property (residential or business), please visit the city web site at to report that damage to the City. This will help the City identify flood prone areas and mitigate future flood damage. When you get to the home page, click "Report A Concern." Click "Select Report Type," and then "Report Structural Flood Damage," which is the first option on the drop-down menu. Please complete the form and attach photos. The form does not require you to include your name and contact information, but it is helpful to us if you do, in case we need to contact you for clarification. If you have questions, please call our Floodplain Manager at 407-957-7275.


Situation Update Regarding Hurricane Ian Flooding Conditions, 10/04/22

East Lake Toho Crest Level

Water levels in the Blackberry Creek neighborhood continue to drop today, as pumps are taking the water to the C31 Canal. Crews this afternoon are finalizing work on berms and sandbags at the lakefront pond weirs to get pumps running there. Those pumps will divert the water from the ponds into the lake, creating space in the ponds to take excess storm water. East Lake Toho is expected to crest in the next few days at around 61 feet, which is about 4 feet above its level the day before Hurricane Ian.

Drainage Progress

Streets in Savanna Park are open again and mostly dry after our pumping operations this week. Blackberry Creek water levels are down about 4 inches, and we continue to run 4 pumps in that area, as we work to get displaced residents back to their homes. Additionally, we have two pumps deployed on the 2nd Street Ditch, and the water level there has dropped 2-3 inches overnight; we are deploying another 2-3 pumps there today. Additionally, City crews this morning continued to berm and sandbag the weirs on the ponds at the Lakefront and will then begin pumping water out of the ponds into the lake. Lowering the water levels in the pond will give overflowing storm water a place to drain, reducing street flooding.

Street Closures / Openings
Commerce Center Drive (Walmart to Brown Chapel Rd.
Old Canoe Creek (at Commerce Center)
Blackberry Creek Drive (Commerce Center to Creek Bed)
Jade Isle Mobile Home Park

Savannah Park

 Fess waived for Debris Pickup

Mayor Nathan Blackwell announced today that City Manager Veronica Miller has extended the amnesty period for the collection of vegetative debris from Hurricane Ian. "We have not been charging to remove that yard debris, and we are continuing to pick up yard debris from the storm without billing our residents," Blackwell said. "Our Solid Waste teams have focused on collecting debris in the floodplain areas first so that floating debris would not add to the problem. They will be getting to every street in the city. Please be patient if we haven’t gotten to your street yet."

 Sandbag Distribution
Our sandbag site is open today, 10/4/22 until 7 p.m. at St. Cloud Civic Center, 3001 17th St.
21,000 sandbags distributed since October 1st.

 Shelter Closed
 The Red Cross has de-activated its shelter that was previously set up at the Community Center.

 Additional Cancellations
Hola in the Park, Saturday, 10/22

10/3/22 Media Briefing Talking Points      Link for Downloadable PDF file

Our highest priority this week is to do everything we can as a city and to work with our partners at the South Florida Water Management District and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to potentially head off and mitigate the flooding. We are already seeing improvements in some areas, but we are not out of the woods yet. The modeling is showing another several days of high water levels as our entire central Florida region recovers from Hurricane Ian’s rainfall. 

 Below are some of the steps we are taking: 

 • We started pumping in Savannah Park on Sunday, and water is receding there now. Conditions are improving, and some roads that were impassable yesterday are passable today. We continue to advise drivers to please drive slowly to avoid creating wakes. 

 • The outflow that was vandalized north of us has been closed, so we are no longer receiving that extra water flow.

 • In the Commerce Center Drive and Blackberry area, the water was flowing out of Canal 31 and into the 2nd street ditch. We have installed a plug to prevent that from happening, and are working now to pump the water from the 2nd Street Ditch back into Canal 31. Lowering the water level in the 2nd Street Ditch will provide relief for the flooding on Commerce Center Drive as well as the roadways in Blackberry Creek. We are working to get residents who were evacuated from that area back into their homes as soon as possible.

 • We received 5 large, high-volume, pumps this morning. 3 of those are working in Blackberry Creek, and 2 are at the Lakeshore ponds. We have 5 more pumps coming to the Lakeshore ponds today. 

 • The Lakefront ponds are designed to hold and filter the runoff water from state streets and then flow it back into the lake. As the lake level rose after the hurricane, the water was flowing from the lake into the ponds. Today, we are blocking the lake water from flowing into the ponds, and then we will be pumping water from the ponds back into the lake. This will allow the stormwater to flow from the state streets to the ponds as designed.

 • We are working with the South Florida Water Management District to pump the water away from where it shouldn’t be and redirect it to Canal 31, where it should go. Canal 31 is designed to send the water from East Lake Toho to Lake Toho in Kissimmee. It is believed that West Lake Toho has the capacity to accommodate the water. 

 • The Water Management District has the lock in Canal 31 opened as much as possible. In addition, they have 5 high-volume pumps at the lock to increase the water flow out of East Lake Toho.

This situation is continuously changing, and we will continue responding as needed and updating the community as quickly as possible.


Situation Update Regarding Hurricane Ian Flood Conditions 10/3/2022

The intersection of Old Canoe Creek and Commerce Center Drive is closed. However, motorists can access the businesses off Old Canoe Creek Road. Barricades are set up to allow access to the post office and surrounding businesses up to Commerce Center Drive.

Evacuation Resources
Those needing to be evacuated should call: 407-742-0000 8am-5pm For County Residents,
407-957-7162 8am-5pm For City Residents, 911 after hours.

Currently we have 6 high water vehicles from National Guard coming to assist and 2 school buses. The Police department will work to coordinate efforts. We have notified the shelters to keep them updated on the number of people that will be coming. Osceola County Fire Rescue will be notified if medical attention is requested.

Red Cross Shelter at Community Center
The American Red Cross is activating at the Community Center, opening as a general population shelter, not pet friendly at this time.

We are continuing today to notify residents who may be impacted by rising water levels over the next 5-7 days. We have teams going door to door in the states streets area, and reverse 9-1-1 calls are being sent. In general, the areas that may be impacted are up to either 4th or 5th streets depending on the street. Teams are out now doing notifications, and the reverse 9-1-1 calls will be sent later today.

To clear up confusion about flooding notifications in Turtle Creek: the potentially affected areas are the west side of the subdivision. It includes everything west of Hawksbill and Softshell to include Sunfish, Riverwalk, Terrapin, Apple Blossom, Bluefish, Snapper, Alligator, Slider, Tortoise, and Snapping Turtle. Reverse 9-1-1 calls were sent to affected residences.

The sandbag distribution site at the Civic Center will be open Monday until 7 p.m. Please bring your own shovel.
St. Cloud has distributed 15,500 sandbags since resuming operations on Sat. 10/1

Debris Pickup
There are several clam trucks in operation, they have been running daily since the storm.
If you have debris in your yard that needs to be picked up, please be patient and rest assured that the clam trucks will get to you. The drivers are backed up due to the high volume of debris that needs to be removed.

 Event Cancellations:
 The following events have been cancelled:
 National Night Out, Tuesday, 10/4, Citizen’s Academy, Wednesday, 10/5,Fall Fest, Saturday, 10/8 – Sunday, 10/9 Save the Children Fest,       Saturday, 10/15.

City Hall Reopened
City offices will reopen today following last week's closures due to Hurricane Ian. We look forward to serving you in person.

Business Disaster Assistance Resources - Enterprise Florida has launched a Disaster Assistance Resources Page with a list of state and federal resources available for businesses to utilize in their mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery activities.

Business Damage Assessment Survey - The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and the Florida Division of Emergency Management has activated the Business Damage Assessment Survey to gather information about how Hurricane Ian has impacted your business. This information will provide valuable economic impact information to the state and federal governments as economic assistance options are evaluated.

Financial Resources – The following resources are available for businesses in need of disaster assistance:


Local Situation 10/2/22

Although we expected water levels to rise as water flowed south from counties north of us, we have been told this morning that an outfall north of East Lake Toho was vandalized overnight and is contributing to water coming to our area faster than anticipated. We are continuing to notify and evacuate affected residents.

Voluntary Evacuations

Voluntary evacuations are now in effect for Blackberry, Pemberly Pines, Summer Cove, Sugar Mill, St. Cloud Village, Soleil Blue, Jade Isle, Savannah Park, Edgewater, and surrounding areas. We are sending reverse 9-1-1 calls to affected residents. If you are in these areas, you are urged to evacuate due to anticipated flooding that is expected to make roads impassable. An emergency request evacuation shelter (pet friendly) is available at Osceola Heritage Park. Call our Citizens Information Line at 407-957-7161 if you have questions. For emergencies, call 9-1-1.

Evacuation efforts will be prioritized based on emergencies and may be delayed. Our engineers and emergency managers are working with the South Florida Water Management District and the Army Corps of Engineers to address the rising flood waters.

St. Cloud residents impacted by Hurricane Ian may be eligible for FEMA assistance. To apply, visit or call 800-621-FEMA (3362) from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. FEMA Individual Assistance may include temporary housing assistance, basic home repairs and certain other uninsured disaster-related needs. If you use a relay service such as video relay service (VRS), captioned telephone service or others, give FEMA the number for that service.

Information Outlets

We are aware of rumors circulating regarding potential flood impacts this week. Please follow official government social media sites such as the city or county for accurate information. We are working with our partners at the county, Office of Emergency Management, and the South Florida Water Management District to develop maps depicting areas that are expected to flood. We will release that information as soon as it is finalized. In the meantime, please do not react to rumors.

We have reopened our Citizens Information Line – 407-957-7161

Osceola County Interactive Flood Evacuation Map Link

USGS National Water Dashboard

Toddler Open Gym on Monday is canceled.

Osceola County Schools Continued closed until Tues., Oct. 4th.

Sandbag Distribution

Sandbag distribution site at the Civic Center will be open Sunday until 7 p.m.

Debris Collection

Clam trucks will be out again today collecting tree debris from Hurricane Ian. Please place items by the curb (not in the street).

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Important Links

National Hurricane Center             
Osceola County Office of Emergency Management Hurricane Center
Osceola County Interactive Flood Evacuation Map Link
USGS National Water Dashboard

City of St. Cloud Citizen Information Line non emergency line has been
Closed Effective 10/7/22 5pm.

Solid Waste pickup normal schedule resumes Mon. 10/3