Capital Projects

The City of St. Cloud invests millions of dollars into a variety of construction projects every year. These capital improvement projects include updating our streets for improved mobility and improving our stormwater system. Capital improvement projects can also include investments to build or rehabilitate buildings such as fire and police stations and recreational facilities. These critical, long-term investments help support our economic vitality and promote livable neighborhoods.

These projects can be in any one of a variety of stages—planning, design, procurement, construction and closeout—and vary in length of time from several months to several years. Regardless of their size or scope, these types of projects provide a tangible example of how we are Transforming St. Cloud’s Tomorrow.

CIP viewer map

For the best experience, please view on a desktop computer.

Learn About Current and Upcoming Projects

The map data will be updated monthly or as the project phases change.

What you can do with the CIP Map Viewer:

  • Filter projects by various criteria:
    • Department - Fire, Parks and Recreation, Police, Public Works.
    • Project phase - Planning, Design, Procurement or Construction.
    • Construction fiscal year - the fiscal year when the project construction is projected to begin. St. Cloud’s fiscal year runs from October 1-September 30.
  • View a list of projects in a specific area by zooming in on the interactive map.
  • Review project budget.

Once you’ve selected a specific project, you’ll see more detailed information including:

  • A project description
  • Photos (if available)
  • What phase a project is in
  • Funding amount as well as estimated costs 
  • The anticipated start and end dates of the project
  • The person to contact for more information

Key Terms


High-level summary of the project that may include the types of improvements included as part of the project.


A description that discusses the value of the project and why it is important/critical.

Construction Fiscal Year

This is the year that the project construction is slated to begin. St. Cloud’s fiscal year runs from October 1 – September 30.

Project Phase

Indicates how far a project is in its progress toward completion. The following stages describe the current projects and programs displayed in the Capital Improvement Program Viewer:

    • Planning: The scope of the project is prepared and cost and construction dates are estimated.
    • Design: The project is being designed and funding sources are identified.  Real estate acquisition is also part of this phase.
    • Procurement: The project is advertised for bidding and consultants/contractors go through the City’s selection process; contracts are negotiated and executed.
    • Construction: This stage includes any permitting, if required, the entire construction period and final inspection and testing.

Project Budget

The amount of funding currently planned to be spent to fund a project through completion of all phases.


This person is the main point of contact for public inquiries about this project.

Project ID

Used for internal tracking. This number is the unique identification number for each program or project on the Capital Improvement Program Viewer application.