Office of the Chief of Police

Chief of Police

The Chief of Police provides leadership and provides a blueprint for the mission of police operations. The duties of the Chief of Police are to supervise subordinates responsible for the daily operation of the department including enforcement of municipal ordinances, State and National laws, prevention and investigation of crimes; to support other law enforcement agencies and City Departments. The Chief of Police also provides responses to various kinds of emergencies.

Administrative Assistant

This position handles all scheduling with the Chief of Police, processing the proper paperwork for officers, paperwork compliance, FDLE compliance and general office duties.

Deputy Chief of Police

The duties of the Deputy Chief are to assume the command of the Police Department in the Chief's absence, provides guidance and direction to Division Commanders and other civilian managers, provides advice and recommendations to the Chief of Police on all matters relating to the development and execution of policies, procedures and operations of the Police Department. The Deputy Chief also plans, organizes and coordinates the operational and administrative activities of all divisions of the department and with other law enforcement agencies.

Administrative Secretary

This position processes payroll, travel requests, scheduling for the Deputy Chief, and general office duties.

Police Captains

The duties of a Police Captain are managing the activities of their assigned division, planning for future functions and responsibilities, and communicating and coordinating the work of subordinates. The Police Captains are supervised by the Deputy Chief of Police, who provides policy direction and regular performance evaluations. 

Patrol Lieutenants

The duties of the Patrol Lieutenants includes supervision of the patrol division.

Professional Standards Lieutenant 

The duties of the Professional Standards Training Lieutenant includes the management of the training unit, professional standards and backgrounds. The Professional Standards Supervisor is also responsible for answering employees' questions in regards to department written directives and general orders. The Supervisor also serves as the agency liaison with the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation.

Training Coordinators

The training coordinators duties include; acting as a liaison with the Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola, implementing and planning for all the training held throughout the department, maintaining adherence to guidelines and standards that must be met by all of our officers at the local, state and federal levels. The training coordinators also provide support in lesson plan development, course curriculum material, travel and training arrangements and in-house training.

Professional Standards Background Detective

The Background Detective's main responsibility is background and internal investigations. This position is also responsible for the Field Training Officer Program, interns and staff studies.

Accreditation Manager

The Accreditation Manager is responsible for overseeing the accreditation process and long-term integration of Department policies and procedures to meet the requirements set forth by State and Federal agencies.

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